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About Us

About EBike Leadville

E-Bike Leadville opened in 2021 and is owned by Megan & Ted Green who live in Leadville with their 3 kids.

As outdoor enthusiasts, Ted & Megan like to share the beauty of their surroundings with everyone. Sitting at 10,200 feet, elevation in Leadville can quickly end any sight seeing tour. With the assistance of an e-Bike, you and your entire group will be able to comfortably enjoy the serene beauty of Leadville.

As the premier e-Bike rental company in Leadville, we look forward to leveling the playing field and making the beauty of Leadville more accessible to all.

Rental, Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of risk, Indemnification Agreement

This E-Bicycle Rental, Release Of Liability, Waiver Of Claims, Assumption Of Risks And Indemnity Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the Terms and Conditions for your electric bicycle rental. This Agreement is between the bicycle renter (“Renter”) and E-BIKE LEADVILLE LLC (“E-BIKE LEADVILLE”) and covers the rental of the electric bicycle and any related equipment and accessories such as tires, lights, rack, lock, helmet, safety gear, and related miscellaneous gear (“Bicycle”).